Hello world! Welcome to Anjuna, Goa!

Oh my……it’s my virgin blog!  Welcome to my little slice of the universe.  Since many people wonder what I’m up to, and in which part of the globe I’m in, I’ve decided to start this little blog so you can see what the heck I’m doing.  Maybe you’ll get inspired.  Maybe you’ll laugh.  Maybe my fumbling through a foreign culture will teach you a lesson, or at the very least, entice you to do something different, something out of the ordinary, something that makes your soul go ‘ooh’ and your heart go ‘ahh.’

Welcome friends and family….and my future friends unknown.  This is what is Goan good…. (get the pun?  hmm, hmm?)

I’ve just recently landed in Goa, India to live in the village of Anjuna for the next 5 months although it’s been years now–haha).  It’s the smallest state in India, originally a Portuguese colony, and it has been known since the ’70’s as a destination for hippies, gypsies, travelers from all over the world who are seeking beaches, yoga, trance music, and the usual enlightenment most wanderers dare to find.

The land is a lush tropical jungle along the Arabian Sea.  Small roads wind through juice shacks, bakeries, bars, restaurants, and archaic Catholic churches.  The roads are filled with dogs, cows, goats, mopeds, and people all slowly, slowly going about their days.  Everything works on IST here (that’s Indian Standard Time) which isn’t really any form of structured time at all.  Things happen when they happen, and if they don’t, keep praying that they do! 😉




Goa is also known for ahhhhhmazing sunsets……

Oh yeah…..and that’s me…..


I hope you visit again and join in on the fun of what’s Goangood with me.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, may all things be Goangood for you, too! xo

4 thoughts on “Hello world! Welcome to Anjuna, Goa!

  1. Hail Hayley, you must learn a few words of Konkani and drink some coconut feni but be careful that stuff is 40% alcohol. Sounds like you landed in the best place to land in all of the continent.


  2. Many Blessings of Love & Happiness to you both, Hayley & Amit 🙂
    What a wonderful, magical journey you are on 🙂 I look forward to reading more instalments as you wander along the little jungle tracks, haggle for colourful goodies in the market places, dive into the Goa Sunrises & Sunsets or just go with the flow & wade into the sea of humanity which is Anjuna 🙂 Glad to see your “Goan Good” Many Blessings & Big Hugs x Del & Tribe xxx 🙂


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