So, why am I in Anjuna, Goa?

Out of all the places in the universe, why am I in Anjuna?  Besides chasing a never-ending summer, I came with my husband, Amit, to help his parents with the family business.  It’s called the Chill Inn Guesthouse and it has eight glorious rooms with amazing bathrooms (hot water included), is a 10 minute walk to the beach, and stumbling distance from the parties at night.  Plus, it’s run by the cutest family who love the art of hospitality and providing guests with a friendly comfort.

I count my lucky stars that I ended up with the best in-laws a girl could ask for.  Jean and Marshall are kind, funny, and so loving to myself and all who hang out at the Chill-Inn.

Jean is a retired school teacher with a personality full of sass and the kindest, sparkly eyes.  She makes a great cup of chai and can dance all night long if there’s music playing.  Marshall is a small, smiley guy, who loves his soap operas and Kit-Kat’s.  In fact, I like to call him Mr. Kit-Kat because he hoards a stash of them that people bring from all over the world…..and no one is allowed access into the vault of the precious chocolates.  NO ONE!

They also have a dog named Prince.  He can be your worst nightmare and eat you up, or sit in your lap like a scared little baby.  But he’s a good dog and he loves biscuits!  He also prefers non-veg.


And there’s my husband, Amit, or as my family calls him my “magic man.”  He’s got a heart of gold, a belly made for tequila, and thinks ice cream is a necessary food group.

IMG_5392 IMG_5435

A lot of the roads in Anjuna are like small dirt driveways.  I often think we’re pulling into someone’s house when Amit tells me it’s just another road.  They twist and turn in between tiny churches, old Portuguese houses, and many other guesthouses.  Hardly any jungle has been carved away to incorporate the roads and houses, so it’s pretty lush around here.

If you’ve ever been interested in traveling to India, but you don’t know where to start, Goa just might be the place for you.  The laid back, sleepy, beach village vibe is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the big cities like Mumbai or Delhi.  You can enjoy the peaceful yoga side of Goa one day and the hardcore trance party the next, or you can lounge on the beach whilst drinking fresh juice and shop the day away.  There’s also tons of travelers in this little spot, so you never know what kind of people you will meet on your adventure.  You may even wind up somewhere different than you totally expected finding a new version of yourself just around the corner.  Are you booking your ticket yet?

For more information on the Chill-Inn you can find us on and on Facebook.  Hope to see you sometime!

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