Giving Thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving, everyone!  Happy Turkey Day!  Today is the day that I miss America the most.  Being an ex-pat in a tropical, foreign culture has perks like swimming in the ocean in the middle of what would be winter, but it also doesn’t have things like mimosas all day, or hot cider by the fireplace, … More Giving Thanks!

The Capital

The first time I came to India was in 2011.  It was an assault on my senses.  It was heart breaking and beautiful.  It was as challenging as it was inspiring, but the one thing that forced a half bobble of confusion from my neophyte head, was the amount of people I noticed very. . … More The Capital

Educational Oddities

It’s been almost 2 months in mother India.  I’ve officially graduated from running countless laps…..wait, was that 23 or 25? UGH!………around the obstacle free soccer field I found as my initial salvation, to running all around the streets of Anjuna.  It’s great freedom, for sure.  I’m getting to know the shop owners by name as … More Educational Oddities

Road to Guju’s

Last week, we piled into the bright orange TATA nano car, Dinky-Doo, and drove 18 hours north to a village in the state of Gujarat, called Valsad.  Valsad is around 5 hours north of Mumbai, which is only 460 miles from Goa, but with the glorious obstacles of Mother India, cars can only go an … More Road to Guju’s

Nuances of time

Early morning in Anjuna is muy tranquilo.  The sun is hazy, as if the eyes of light are only small cracks, barely awake.  The humidity is tolerable but nudging its sticky back around the corner quickly.  Peacocks roam in the neighboring fields, bobbing their heads above the grass, while making the strangest sounds. When I … More Nuances of time