Anjuna, Goa Tales #6–Sugar, and cats, and building OH MY

Things in the jungle are moving along.  We have just completed TWO weeks in our month of no wheat and refined sugar and the three of us are feeling great.  Amit has moved FOUR belt holes (by day 12, actually) and Oshanna has reported feeling like she has more energy and she’s losing weight.  Cravings aren’t so bad and we’re getting plenty of healthy sugars from delicious papayas and bananas instead.

As part of homeschooling and our family wellness plan, we all take turns reading labels and doing the sugar formula.  What’s the sugar formula?  If you are ever curious about how much sugar is in something, just do this: 4 grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon.  So, pick a subject. . .like a carbonated beverage or cookies or whatever. . .then look at the sugar grams.  If something has 38 grams of sugar (like a Coke, for instance), divide that number by 4 (which is 9.5, btw).  Now, get a bowl and a spoon and your tub of white sugar and scoop out 9.5 teaspoons.  What the heck, round it up to TEN!  You’ll be amazed at how effective this method is at truly SEEING how much sugar is in something. . .


It’s hard to tell scale, of course, but that glass is around 8oz.  For you bakers out there, I poured the contents in this glass into a 2/3 measuring cup.  Got that?!  Now, envision just pouring that sugar into your mouth! 🙂  Sounds tasty, huh?!  Seeing is truly believing!  Try this experiment at home and see if it changes the way you read labels.  I’ve always been a person to be conscious of sugar, but this method of scooping out the actual amount is shocking!

In other news, we’ve had lots of action around the house while several workers tile our front walkway and veranda. . .

All the houses in India are made with concrete and tiles.  No wood.  No carpet.  All of those materials would rot or get damaged by the weather here, so everything is tiles.  The unused tiles get broken up into pieces and then used for walkways, or driveways, or porch flooring, etc.  Now, we’ve got love all around us!

I’ve been taking my usual random shots when I’m out and about in Anjuna.  There’s always something interesting, or dreamy, or at least another holy cow!

Our little gremlins, Orion and Shanti, are getting big and are a source of constant entertainment.  Shanti is into pole climbing these days, and when I say pole, I mean ME!  She’s so curious about what’s going when I’m doing the dishes, she literally climbs up my side all the way to my shoulder.  Once she’s up there, she positions herself just so she’s got a nice view of whatever the action is.  She’s deemed a ‘shoulder kitty’ now.  And yes, I have scrape marks everywhere!

Last week, Orion got busted outside where he wasn’t supposed to be, and when Amit scolded him, Orion ran back into the house, upstairs to the bedroom, and then cried for two minutes. . . kinda pacing around his room like a little kid who didn’t like being reprimanded.  It was a bit hilarious.  Somehow, I always end up with cats that behave more like people.

I watched Orion in action the other day catch a lizard.  I even learned something I never knew:  lizards eject their tails to distract their predators.  Crazy, huh?!  I watched that tail shoot right off the lizard’s bum and wiggle around like a reptilian decoy.

This is Orion’s classic look of distant longing into the great Wonder (where’s he’s not allowed to go) outside on the roof. . .


All things aside, we’re goangood here.  How are things for you???

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