Anjuna, Goa Tales #9–Red Label Holiday

Happy holidays, you beautiful people!  The past week in Goa has been busy.  There’s a massive influx of tourists, which are visible by the gridlock traffic everywhere around our shanti little village.  The mornings and evenings are what the locals call “cold” but, to me, they’re just a bit cooler than before.  The days are … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #9–Red Label Holiday

Anjuna, Goa Tales #7–Ping Pong’s Legendary Hippie Walk

Okay, okay, so there’s beach stuff here, and parties, and the usual “vacation” amenities and things to do. . . but what other stuff is there?  If you’re the kind of person who loves a good hike with stunning views and serendipitous company, then Ping Pong’s legendary hippie walk is the THING to do.  It’s … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #7–Ping Pong’s Legendary Hippie Walk