Anjuna, Goa Tales #10–Happy new Year of the Monkey

Happy new year, people!  I’m a bit embarrassed I’ve been away for so long, but I’ve been too busy having fun.  I know, I know, tough life, but someone’s gotta do it!  🙂

We had a fabulous new years eve party at our house filled with friends and random travelers.  There were yummy snacks, good conversations, and more ‘pegs’ than I could count!

I’m not really into having resolutions for the new year, but I did come up with something this year.  What about you?  Did you make any resolutions for 2016?  Maybe travel some more. . . .like come to Goa and visit meeeeee???   Okay, you’re probably wondering what I came up with?  My resolution is really for all of us. . . . . FEED THE WHITE WOLF! 

If you don’t know the story of the two wolves, Google it.  My resolution for the year is to nurture my white wolf, but still give the black one some snacks from time to time just to keep him from getting too hungry.  Balance is godliness…….wait……I guess that was cleanliness.  Either way, they’re both good!

We’re approaching the year of the Fire Monkey in 2016.  Watch out!  Monkey years are full of tricks and playfulness.  Maybe you’ll eat extra bananas, too!  Just be careful not to swing from tree to tree too fast otherwise you might find yourself in a funny situation, or dropping all your bananas, or crashing into another monkey.  Maybe that’s why this year has been a constant party for me so far!  The blur says it all. . .


Right now in Goa it is considered ‘winter’ and people are saying it’s ‘freezing’ at night.  I find it pretty funny.  We actually had a security guard not show up for work one night because he couldn’t stand outside and freeze, his boss said.  People drive around with hats and gloves and wool jackets like they’re battling wind chill in the negatives.

I have a couple dear friends visiting at the moment and it’s been so awesome to have them around.  A few nights ago we went out dancing.  We had some drinks before we ventured out. . . you know, pre-funk style, but I wasn’t in an abnormal state, per se.  Anyway, we started dancing and a young British chick came up to me. . .

“What are you ON and HOW can I get it?” she said with wide eyes, smiling.

Now, this all happened in seconds, of course, but I really felt happy she asked me such a question.

“I’ve only had a couple drinks,” I said, smiling back.

“But you’re having so much fun dancing,” she said.

“Yep,” I pulled back from her ear to smile again,  “It’s called FREEDOM!!!”

If a random stranger thinks I’m having so much fun that I must be on drugs, then I think I’m doing things just fine.  Ha!  Gooooo Chamki!


We’ve also been attending all kinds of events, like a rich Catholic wedding.  There must’ve been tables for 500 people and the dance floor was decorated like a winter wonderland.  All the boys were in purple and red satin shirts and many of the women were wrapped in sparkling saris–their necks and wrists dripping with gold, of course.  The Chill-Inn family had no problem consuming as many free beverages as possible.


I’ve been gorging on fresh fruit every single day like a boss.  The restaurant across the street serves a fruit salad with homemade yogurt (curd) for 60 rupees.  It’s definitely the best deal in town.  Mmmmm!  If you’re ever in Anjuna, check out Mango Shade.  You won’t find the quality anywhere else for the same price.  Figs are also in season and they have been quite delicious.

A lot of my nights this year have been very beautiful.  Life has been goan good. . .

Orion and Shanti have been up to their usual antics.  Most mornings I wake up to this view.  I call it my morning purr therapy. . .


Shanti has started this new thing where she puts out her tongue in total relaxed mode and just purrs like a motor.  It’s a bit of cute overload, don’t you reckon?

I finally had another experience with a cow.  A cow?  Yes, that’s what I meant.  We go to this particular veggie stand to buy our veggies and cows like to hang out.  I suppose it’s a good place to hang if you don’t want to eat garbage.  Fruit and veggie scraps are way more appealing.

Anyway, we had a bag of pastries tied to the back of the motorcycle and left it to pick out produce.  While we were deciding on how many kilos of carrots to buy, I heard a man yelling near our bike.  Sure enough, he was chasing a cow that was happily diving into our bag of pastries.  So then I went to the bike to be on guard.  Just when I thought the cow was walking away, I felt a little grab on my bum and turned around to find the cow trying to push me out of the way to get to my precious pastries.  It quickly became a tug of war, and yes, the cow broke one of my bags.  A man came with a big stick and gave the cheeky cow a good whack and I finally won the tug of war.

I think I’m officially adjusted to Mother India.  I did what the locals call “cutting the cake” now twice.  Can you guess what that is?  A few mornings ago, I was walking down the street having a conversation with Oshanna, and I stepped right into the center of a warm cow pie.  Haha!  That means I wasn’t worried about the every day obstacles.  It left me with a dirty sandal, but I liked the metaphor.

Okay, that’s it for now.  How’s 2016 treating YOU so far?  What is goan good?




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