Anjuna, Goa Tales #11–Love and Freedom

Daily living in Anjuna at the Chill Inn Guesthouse has been jam packed.  I’m a tad behind on the happenings, so here goes a good ol’ fashioned update on what’s goan good. . .

Apparently, Valentine’s Day is a THING around here.  Who knew, right?!  So, yeah, a lot of tourists came for the weekend and the in-laws (Jean and Mr. Kit-Kat) took us out for a lovely lunch overlooking the Arabian Sea.


Shortly after that, we said farewell to Miss Oshanna. . .and she flew back to the land down under, but we got in a little dance before she left!  If you’ve never been to Goa, one of the “IT” places (meaning ‘cool’ and not programming) in Anjuna is called Hilltop.  Dj’s from all over the world play there regularly and it has some of the most infamous parties.  This particular night we went for the sunset set of Raja Ram.  It was dance-tastic!!!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter by the day.  The temperature hasn’t changed much the past 6 months I’ve been here, but the humidity these days is rising and rising.  At 7am, it’s already 80 something degrees.  Whew!  It’s like being in a sauna all day, but so very hydrating. . . always look on the bright side of life. . .la la la!

Sunsets in my little village are still beautiful and magical. . .


A few weeks ago, my cartoon husband flew back to Australia for some business.  I was supposed to join him but ran into some immigration/visa issues.  Heh.  Travelers out there, make sure to double check all documents regarding visas.  Stupid mistakes can really put a dent in travel plans.

Visa drama aside, Amit got me an early birthday present before he left. . .retro bad-ass wheels. . .which, by the way, has been such a fun experience to go for sunset rides in my village.  Seeing friends and smiley faces as I pass by ringing my loud faerie bell.  I’ve really gotten all around Anjuna with my bike and I love the freedom my two wheels gives me.  Riding to the veggie shop to buy produce, the ocean breeze on my face, riding past shop owners with a wave, seeing the different characters that have become so familiar in this jungle canvas around me.

No one else around here has a bike that looks like mine, so I feel like a celebrity when I’m on it.  Big smiles, thumbs up, and all kinds of remarks happen as I ride down the streets.  It must be the basket! 😉

I’m lucky to be so spoiled by my love!  I’m counting down the days until we get to hug again.  Until then, I’m getting cuddles from the Gremlins. . .aka the Golden Babies. . .aka Orion and Shanti. . .


Orion and Shanti have recently discovered toilet paper.  Uh huh, great.  Two times now I have found the aftermath of a kitty war zone. . .or, should I say, fun zone?!

Note to self, I don’t keep it anywhere they can get to it anymore.  Enough is enough.  Fortunately for them, their faces are too cute not to forgive.


I’ve also been out and about more now that I’m here solo at the moment.  There’s all kinds of musical events and things to atttend.  New friends are sprouting like pretty flowers all around me. . .

Part of living in the tropics is the simple luxuries like enjoying a fruit salad for breakfast everyday.  Mmmmm…..


I’ve been indulging in the cultural siestas lately, too, or fiesta, as Jean calls it!  So many things get lost in translation, don’t they?!  Haha.  It’s just been so dang hot and humid that by mid afternoon the weather is tranquilizing, and well, what to do but take a little nana nap!  It’s the norm, man.

Loving you, family!

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