Anjuna, Goa Tales #12–Birthdays and Rainbows

It was my birthday a week’ish ago, March 19th.  I turned 36!  That means I’m a monkey, and you know what?  I’ve mentioned it once or twice, but this year is the Year of the Monkey, and that means it’s MY year!  Woohoo!  So far, it’s been a good one, but I’m hoping that with all this Monkey energy on my side, the rest of the year is perrrfectly serendipitous and magical.

For the sake of my blog, and history, of course, here is a birthday selfie. . .


When I woke up on my birthday morning, I went out for my cherished run in the hood.  I stopped at the chai shop to visit my friend, Ali, and when I arrived at his place, he had the birthday song playing on his mini speakers and he was doing a little dance!  It was very cute.  I also enjoyed cuddles from my favorite dog along my route, Blacky.  It’s the little things that matter most, isn’t it?!

That night, I was blessed to have a few friends over for drinks. . .and then my lovely neighbors and dear friends, Ping-Pong and Coco, brought a whole entourage of party animals to ring in my new year.  Some of them were their dear friends and some of them were travelers that just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  My birthday party turned into a James Brown dance floor mixed with live jams in between, disco lights, tons of cocktails, and smiles everywhere.  It was a grand evening, for sure.


I am very thankful to all the friends who gathered on my special day.  The cakes, the magical fruit, the good vibes, and all the LOVE. . .Shabba!!

A few days later, we celebrated Ping-Pong’s birthday and that was a glorious garden party with many friends.  In fact, we had a few parties for Ping-Pong and birthday celebrations carried us through the entire week.

It was so much fun to rock the sun rotations for a week long journey of love. . .

Being in this village by the sea is quite a special place in the universe.  Community and colorful people in all the right places.  I think Anjuna and all of these characters are carving a very comfy spot inside my little heart!

Rainbows can be found in the most unexpected places!  Never give up looking for that pot of gold!





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