Anjuna, Goa Tales #16–Mon-soonbegone

It’s been pretty chill hanging around the Chill Inn Guesthouse lately.   My foot is still. . .sigh. . .in recovery, so I’ve not been able to do much except lounge around and catch up on sleep.  It’s not so bad when I get to cuddle my sweet little Shanti all day, but I do spend some of my time wondering why the universe wanted me to be immobile for so long.  It’s probably the worst punishment for someone like me. . .considering I run most days, hula-hoop, jump rope, and like to be on my feet more than my back.  But, alas, here I am, some kind of wounded soldier, and I’m just healing as fast as I possibly can.

Lots of afternoons looks like this. . .

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling pretty damned blue lately.  Not being able to do much or get around is a major drag, but I’m also healing a broken heart.  I’ve been missing our boy cat, Orion, too much.  Things at the house just aren’t the same, of course, and it’s just taking me awhile to get used to it, I suppose.  I often find myself staring hard at his favorite lounging places. . .almost as if maybe I can stare him back into existence, even though I know it won’t work.  I keep looking out into that lush jungle, too, wondering where the snake that killed my little fur baby is hiding today.

Grief is a weird companion.

Thankfully, Shanti is doing pretty good without big brother around, but she’s banned from afternoon jungle frolics until the sun melts some of that lushness away.  In the meantime, it’s lounging around with this wounded girl.  Amit also joins in on the cuddles.  I can’t decide which species is getting more spoiled.


On the bright side of things, literally, we’ve had some pretty sunny days and that, my friends, is really good news.  It means the monsoon is on the way out of here.  I can’t wait. It’s been a grueling time in many ways and I’m so ready for the sunshiney days in Goa again.  I even got proof of those magical rays pouring into my living room.


If it’s sunny, they will come.  The glorious “season” is on the way.  Everyone in Goa calls the tourist season “the season.”  That means bumping parties, busy roads, so many tourists from all over the world, and my wonderful, eclectic friends return for the good times. I can almost taste the food at our neighborhood potlucks, hear the drums in the gardens, and feel the love and the hugs.  I just hope my foot is back in action when all the peeps show up.

In other news, we’re starting up a little business to add to our guesthouse, the Chill Inn, and we are now renting some sweet bicycles.  Once my foot is better I’ll also be offering some fabulous tours for our guests and lucky tourists.  See what kind of fun things await you when you come to Goa!  So, when are you booking your ticket?


Autumn is approaching for a lot of you people out there.  It’s time to start dreaming up a little winter vacay, isn’t it?  Come on, I dare you to dream!


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