Anjuna, Goa Tales #17–Monsoon activities and Friends

Just my luck, the monsoon started early this year and because I’m on a winning streak in 2016, it doesn’t want to end.  We’ve had five whole months of the damn season.  Enough is enough.  Despite the rains,  I managed to get in some good kitty snuggles and read four novels in the past month. . .

The past few days have been sunny and luckily for me having the sun back also means having friends and fun things to do back again for another season in this funky village. Potlucks, open mic nights, parties, and plenty of hugs all over the place.  Woohoo!

My foot has also made some progress. . .it’s only taken two and a half months. . .and I just started biking and walking again.  So far, so good.  That’s a big relief.  I’m the worst person at forced sedentary-ness.  I’m a mover and a shaker and I gotta boogie for my heart and my mind so being stagnant for so long has definitely been a huge bummer.  But thanks to my dear friends, Ping Pong and Coco. . . they brought me a brand new pair of beloved Birkenstocks all the way from Germany.  My injured foot is in orthopedic heaven.


I also recently gave my first bicycle tour.  It was a super hit.  Here’s some neat shots from my tour. . .

When you come to visit Anjuna I will give you special price, my friends.  You won’t be disappointed, I swear.

We’ve also upgraded a few things around the house.  We got a full size refrigerator and an actual bed.  For the past year, we’ve been sleeping on foam pads and using a fridge slightly bigger than a bar fridge.  Now we don’t have to break our backs anymore sleeping or bending for food.  Adulthood can be so cool sometimes, huh?!  The things we get excited about as we age are funny.

As you can tell from the picture, Shanti and Magic Man approve of the new bed.  Also, a weird Indian refrigerator fact: they come with locks.  Locks?  Yeah, that’s right.  All the fridges come with locks but no one I’ve ever asked has ever used the lock.  Most people don’t even know where the key is.  Hmm.  Yet another mystical wonder in this always surprising country.

We’ve had some really fun guests from all over the world stay with us recently.  One of them, Roni, made us a fabulous video of the Chill Inn Guesthouse.  He and his wife, Hester, are traveling the world with a really cool project called Planet Hero.  Check out what they’re up to for some inspiration.

This is the video of Chill Inn. . .

Btw, I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet and was a grumpy butt for the filming, but thankfully, this is a video about the guesthouse and not me.  Thanks, Roni and Hester!


The sunsets are also making an appearance again in our tropical back yard.  Soon the nights will be blessed with the best technicolor shows daily.  The sunsets here are pretty good. . .but I’ve told you that before.

Otherwise, little Anjuna is preparing for the wave of travelers on the way here for the season.  That means building beach shacks, painting new colors on top of the monsoon scars, and all of the hip restaurants and shops are opening their doors.  It finally feels like there is life again and the good times are going to roll.


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