Anjuna, Goa Tales #19–Blue Tao Mondays and Potluck Tuesdays

Well, life has been groovin’ along in this little jungle village by the sea.  It seems less busy for this time of year compared to last year.  All of the local business owners are complaining about money problems.  Big problem, it is, they all say.  The broken English here often sounds like Yoda-speak. . .haha!  But, I can’t blame them.  The government really screwed over the little people.  It’s been rough.  There’s still cash shortages.  It’s a THING, for sure.

I just recently started making a long time dream come true and I’ve been taking djembe drumming lessons.  It’s something I have been thinking about for 13 years and I finally am doing it.  My Magic Man even got me my very own drum. . .


Isn’t she a beauty?  I reckon.  My favorite time to practice is on our rooftop at sunset.  The view is spectacular, there’s a slight breeze, and the sound of my drum is cathartic.  Hooray for making dreams come true.  Are you?

Magic Man and myself have been getting into heaps of shenanigans, too.  Shenanigans?  Why, yes. . .but I can’t tell you about all of them.  I’m sure you can understand.  However, every Monday night we go to a local restaurant called Blue Tao for our dear friend’s, Ping Pong and Coco (and neighbors), special open mic night. . .called Open Mind Nite.  It’s a wonderful community event that holds space for any wandering soul to sing, play music, dance, drink, and be whatever kind of merry you like.  Every week it’s a bit different but a lot of the same happy faces show up and it feels like a communal home.  I am pretty lucky to hang with such hip folks.

All the photos from Open Mind night at Blue Tao come from  Anjuna Allstars at  (Check it out for more pics and see what’s happening)


We have drum circles, jazz ensembles, poetry, eclectic singers, dancers, shakers.  Blue Tao serves some pretty yummy pizza, too.  There’s kids running around, people of all ages and backgrounds, and a warm, friendly vibe buzzing about the place.

If you’re in the area during this time, you should definitely check it out.  You might be charmed by the smiles, the tunes, the host, the food, or maybe even the dancing faeries. . .

On Tuesday evenings, we just started a sunset potluck gathering.  It is slowly growing each week and we are making some really good friends.  Hooray!  Magic Man makes some kind of dal/soup loaded with heaps of vegetables and I bake, of course.  I’m starting to get a fan club for my baked goods. . .specifically, my brownies and my banana muffins.  It fills my heart and soul so much to feed my loved ones with delicious treats.

A lot of the people from Blue Tao come to our gathering, but we also get lots of other random folks.  Russians, Germans, Americans, Dutchies.  It’s truly a rainbow gathering of the globe.

With so many shiny faces hanging around Anjuna lately, I’ve been lucky to get lots of cuddles.  The good vibrations are what life is all about, don’t you think?!

Being an expat can be really hard sometimes.  I often miss my dear friends in the USA, so I’m glad for all the lovely souls in my neighborhood.  They’re such a blessing in my life!!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your friends and family.  We’re preparing for a big New Years Eve party.  I’ll see you in 2017!  Happy New Year!!!


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