Anjuna, Goa Tales #20–New Years Eve with the Faeries

Happy New Year, family!

I don’t know about you but I had almost too much fun over the holidays. . .and saying goodbye to 2016.  It was a year full of extremes for me in which I was thrown into the deepest depths of despair only to be hurled back into the heights of whimsy and then back more than I’d like to remember.  Several broken hearts, a broken mind, broken spirit, and broken dreams. . .shattered into unrecognizable pieces of my imagination.  All I can say now, officially, is I SURVIVED.  Woohoo!

And I said goodbye to 2016 with an army of LOVE beside me. . . .


Several weeks ago, we got blessed at the Chill Inn by a group of fun, sensitive, caring, intelligent, gentle, loving, international people. . .with the biggest hearts and warm spirits I’ve met in a long time.  I call them my faeries.

Faeries, you say?!  Well, yes.  Faeries, to me, are the ones that have a special twinkle in their eyes. . .the willingness to let the good times roll. . .the heart space to hold your tears. . .and the cuddle puddles to placate your fears.  These beautiful people did all of those things.  We ate delicious food together, we laughed together, we danced together, we cried together (okay, so maybe only I cried. . .because I’m a cry baby and it just happens), we even defied the laws of shenanigans, and shared uncountable magical moments.

Being an expat in such a foreign land means it’s hard sometimes to find just one person who jives with your soul. . .and we got a whole group.  Their energy was the best gift to end the year with.  I LOVE YOU, FAERIES!!!

Let’s see. . .On Christmas day I woke up like this. . .


We didn’t do presents but we did go out to a couple family functions and show our pretty faces.  Chivas Regal, Red Label, and tandoori chicken were of course mandatory guests.  It’s also always funny to see who is who by wearing what kind of sari.  In the Catholic Indian culture, they don’t really wear saris anymore because they’re too much work and people are more Westernized with their clothing.  But on holidays, it’s always a secret competition to see who makes the effort.  I get quite a kick out of observing these social oddities. . .plus, I’m sure fancy whiskey helps.

Late in the evening after all family obligations were ticked, we called upon our tribe of whimsical faeries and revved up the holiday spirit. . .


Cocktails, smiles, life stories, and so much Love.  Can you feel it?

The last week of the year was a blur.  Partying and sleeping, baking, cooking, and then getting ready to party again.  For New Years Eve we decided to have a big party at our pad to avoid spending the night sitting in traffic, and well, our rainbow penthouse just happens to have some pretty good vibes and the best view around.

So, we decorated our porch like a Bollywood-faerie dream and then let magic happen.


Old friends drove from all over India to spend the night with us and prepare for the festivities. . .

The night unfolded into a cacophony of good times, good food, good tunes, and unforgettable memories.  At midnight, when the clock struck 2017, we got a view of all the fireworks shows sprinkled across the horizon and a procession of hugs all around.  After that, our energy continued and I danced until my feet hurt.  Haha.

It was a spectacular evening. . .a wonderful way to honor the chaos of 2016 and revel in the new hope of what may come.  I feel so blessed to be living the dream with all the sparkly souls dancing around me.  Near and far, wherever you are, know that I cherish you in the squishy places of my cartoon heart.

For all of you readers somewhere out there, I hope 2017 brings the stardust and happiness you crave, the adventure and love that you dare to dream, and the wisdom to know what you want.


May life be always Goan Good!!!!

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