Anjuna, Goa Tales #21–Goan Crazy on my birthday

Hey, hey everyone!

March was a busy month.  I’m finally back to the jungle grind in Anjuna.  It took awhile to decompress from the situation back in America, and I’ve been so busy with life stuff, I’ve hardly been inspired to jot it down for you.

I also celebrated a birthday.  Yep, another year older.  I’m officialy. . .gasp. . .37!  But I’m feeling just as spunky as a twenty-something.  Praise the goddess for small mercies, right?!  We had an epic party, of course, and some of my favorite people came to join in on the fun.

It started on my birthday eve at a nice Greek restaurant called Thalassa.  If you visit Goa, and you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and go to this place.  It is deeeelicious and always a good time.  The atmosphere is fantastic, the food is a good bang for your buck with great flavors, and there’s even entertainment on certain nights. This particular night for my birthday eve celebration was super special.  The DJ played so many good tunes while we drank our sunset cocktails.  I sang and danced in my seat whilst I sipped away. Sometimes, the biggest blessings are the little things. . .things like having a good meal with people you love.

This is something that I’ve really been focusing on lately.  The little things.  My mother is a good reminder of that.  In teaching her to remember, I am teaching myself.  She is frustrated by her situation and hates being so helpless, but I keep saying it’s all about the little things right now.  Little steps.  Little treats.  Little moments.  The little things are then strung together to make a constant energy flow of BIG, awesome things.  How else do we survive the dark times?  How else do we evolve into a better, more positive person?  Those little things are like flashes of light at the end of the subsequent tunnels of life’s adventures.  We can’t forget the little things, people.  Don’t do it.  When you forget, you lose your spark.  You lose your mind.  You lose everything.

Gratitude.  The little things teach us some of the biggest stuff. . .but sometimes they are the hardest to see.  I know this.  I’m sure all of you do, too.  I’m just reminding myself by reminding all of you.  We’re in this together.

Birthdays for me are always a very weird time.  It’s not the getting older part.  It’s like being born again.  It’s emotional, and happy, and fun, and it’s a new beginning.  I love everyone and every single thing and I just want to ooze my good vibes to anything in my vicinity.  I also always cry.  Geez.  I’m such a little sponge.  Sometimes I really feel like Spongebob when he gets emotional.  I totally GET him.

I woke up on my birthday morning, March 19th, to a pile of presents like it was Christmas.  My Magic Man husband drives me crazy in a lot of ways, of course, but he’s pretty darn special when it comes to things like making me feel loved on my birthday.  It’s one of the reasons I married him.


After morning shenanigans, we spent the day getting the house ready for the party.  We put up faerie lights on the veranda, ordered yummy food so none of us had to cook, made vodka jello shots, and revved the mood.  It all started at sunset with some nice drumming, champagne poses, and then we moved on to my specialized birthday music playlist that kept us dancing for many, many hours into the wee crevices of the night.

There was one thing I wanted everyone to do at my birthday party and that was DANCE.  I chose each song carefully and methodically for the time of the evening and what I thought might be happening, and all in all, it turned out to be just right for everyone there.  I suppose my playlist was a little bit like a spell.  I worked on it for a couple days and set the dancing intentions with each new song on the list.  And, boy, did my spell work.  I had people say in the weeks after my party that it was some of the best dancing they’d had in a long time.  Good job, party people!!!  As my dear friend, Ping Pong, says, “YOU are the party!”

It was hard to take clear pictures because I never stopped moving. . .well. . .until the cake came out!  Weeeeeeeeee!


Once food and cake hit our bellies, we crossed over into the wonderland zone.  What’s that, you ask?  I mean, like the not-turning-back-jello-shots-are-kicking-in-and-the-music-is-making-me-groove kinda zone.  It was all full power party from this moment on. Whoa, whoa, easy, easy!

There was glitter bombs, sparkly skirts, outside cuddles, inside cuddles, happy faces, and SO MUCH LOOOOOOOOVE!!!

Whew!!!  It was too good.  Can’t you feel the love?

I am always thankful for this little jungle village by the sea.  The kinds of people we meet and make friends with are so vast and complex like the fishies in the sea.  I think the most colorful people in the world come to Goa to play, and if we’re lucky, they come to our rainbow penthouse and do it with us.  Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, UK, Bahrain, India, Canada, America. . .

I am so thankful for the bright, shiny faeries in my life.  Some of them even brought me presents and handmade cards.  It really IS the little things, you see.


When we open our hearts to LOVE, we really get so much in return.  So, if you’re feeling a little less shiny than you’d like, or a little less cuddled than you dream, open up that crazy mind of yours and GIVE YOURSELF TO LOVE.  I’m sure there’s a whole world of people and possibilities waiting to join you.

If this gathering for my blessed birthday is any indication of what is to come, bring it on! I’m energized, I’m ready, and I’m bedazzled by the love and affection my little universe provides.  I love you all. . .near and far. . .wherever you are!


One thought on “Anjuna, Goa Tales #21–Goan Crazy on my birthday

  1. Oh Hay, most vibrant uplifting gorgeous blog post ever!! Happy Birthday shining one xxx Winona and I are going to come see you at the end of the next wet season


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