Soro Restaurant, Assagao, Goa: the Village Pub with an elegant twist!

This cute restaurant was on our list of places to check out for awhile now.  Myself and Magic Man make plenty of trips to the Assagao animal shelter for our beloved fur babies and Soro is near the main junction on the way.  The outside looks rustic and glitzy with stringed lights, and I always found the sign labeling it as a village pub to be intriguing.

Since I’m finally back and adjusted to jungle living, we decided to try out a new place and see what Soro is all about.  Sometimes it’s hard to find cool spots that are still open in the monsoon, so we were excited it was in fact open.  Yes, monsoon rains are still going. . .but thankfully, we’ve been getting a mix of sunny days and rainy days so it hasn’t been that bad.  I got to miss the height of the season while I was in the US of A.

When  you walk in through the door of Soro there’s a whole outdoor seating area with a pool table and plenty of places to lounge.  When we went, there wasn’t anyone around, but I could see that in the tourist season it would be a nice place to chill outside with a group of friends.  The inside was a lovely surprise. . .decorated rustic and modern with a very nice, professional, swanky bar.  It reminded me of a place I might see in Seattle and I immediately got excited about the possibilities.

The menus have a vintage theme and the music playing in the background was a random mix of songs from the past few decades.  I loved it.  I’ll admit, if I can sing along to some of my old favorite songs then I’m feeling pretty darn happy about life.


The cocktail list was pretty impressive with a whole range of prices and flavors and twists on classic concoctions.  I opted for the vodka rendition of a mojito. . .that, too, a watermelon vodka mojito.  Magic Man got a classic margarita.  They were both made well, shaken and muddled properly, and tasted utterly delicious.  Whoever trained the staff to make cocktails knows what’s going on!

For appetizer, we ordered the BBQ bacon wrapped chicken meatballs.  Um, bacon wrapped anything makes me happy, so I was totally pumped to try this dish.  It did not disappoint.  The BBQ sauce was more Asian style with a strong hoisin flavor, but dang, it was so so tasty.  I highly recommend these meatballs if you’re visiting Soro.  Yum!


At this point, I was already sated and happy with just my drink and appetizer.  I could’ve left then and been satisfied with the experience, but we decided to move on to main course. . . .of course!

I got a dish called Maggie’s Farm: Parmesan crusted chicken with creamy spinach and baby tomatoes.  Sounds good, right?!  For 450 rupees (around 7 USD), I was happy with the portion size, the presentation, and the flavors.


I’m sad the only picture I managed to take before I devoured the dish is slightly out of focus.  Ugh.  But still, you get the idea.  You can’t see the mashed potatoes underneath the crusted chicken but they were even sculpted with some designed lines and were a great texture.  My only thing was that the tomato sauce was a bit on the spicy side and since I wasn’t expecting it from the description I was caught a little off guard.  However, it was still super yummy and I ate the entire plate.

Magic Man got the Grilled Beef Tenderloin.  Peppercorn marinated, served with mashed potatoes, and sauteed vegetables for 590 rupees.  By Indian standards, he said his steak was excellent.  The meat was tender, perfectly cooked medium rare as he requested, and had a great mushroom sauce.  He was a super happy man eating a well cooked, well prepared steak.  That kind of a meal is hard to find and a rarity for him so it was extra special that it was so good.


Our friend, Al, who was also with us got the Pork Ribs.  When I asked the guys how they tasted, they both said, “To die for!”  I guess that’s good.  Haha.  The report was well marinated, more meat than fat, and an excellent presentation.  They were licking their fingers with glee.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough room for dessert, but the selections looked decent with banana fritters, brownie a la mode, and mango panna cotta as some of the ecclectic choices.  Next time, we’ll have to save some room to try something sweet.

After our visit, I would have to say that Soro being called a “village pub” doesn’t really give the adequate description of the place.  When I think of a pub, I think of beer sloshing, unrefined shenanigans, and different kinds of food.  I don’t think of a pub having such elegant menu options and presentations and teetering on the edge of such a classy vibe.  But, it was a good surprise, for sure.

If you’re in the area and you’re looking for a great place to dine, I’d definitely give Soro a good look.  It was an overall superb experience and I’m sure we’ll be back.  The meatballs and more cocktails are taunting me still.  The prices are fair for the quality they give and the service of the waitstaff was on par.


One thought on “Soro Restaurant, Assagao, Goa: the Village Pub with an elegant twist!

  1. Yum! Sounds like a great place to celebrate or just relax and enjoy. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of the food and inside! Happy you are “home” and safe. Keep the reports coming!


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