Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!

Our quaint Anjuna village is slowly coming back to life lately.  We had a crazy bout of torrential downpours recently but I dare say it’s finally done now.  The sun has been shining and the sunsets are making a comeback.  It’s just quite lovely.  I really miss the sunsets in the monsoon season.  They don’t start showing such gorgeous fluorescent colors until the rains are on their way out of here, so these sights are a good sign.

All around Anjuna people are getting ready for the tourist season.  Painting, building, renewing this and that.  Here at the Chill Inn Guesthouse we’ve been busy painting all the rooms and refreshing everything so that our guests arrive to a revived atmosphere. Monsoon season damages everything in sight from all the moisture.  Walls crack, paint peels, structures get beaten up, so when it’s over there’s a lot of work to be done.  And so it goes like this every season.

Things in the rainbow penthouse are always entertaining.  Our little boy, Cosmo, is turning into a big boy really really fast.  Shanti has adjusted well to having a brother around again and they play all the time.  He hassles her just like a little brother does to any sister and she mostly loves him.  They are pretty cute together and they get into shenanigans all the time, of course.

I’ve been spending time in the kitchen baking, as usual, and cooking some new recipes.  I have an undying sweet tooth and most of the time prefer baking my own treats.  The stuff available in the shops is okay, but sometimes I just want some old fashioned classics like brownies or snickerdoodles, ya know?!

These are a variation of my famous oat bars. . .or granola bars. . .however you like to call them. . .


My latest favorite savory thing is pizza without bread.  I know it sounds crazy but you can actually grate cauliflower and turn it into a crust, and surprisingly, it works!  I didn’t believe it the first time I took on the mission, but sure enough, it came out delicious and I could even pick up the pizza pieces without it crumbling apart.  So, I’ve tried it twice now and I’m working hard to perfect my veggie crust.


The best part of the whole grating cauliflower process is that it makes the whole house smell like farts!  Hahahaha!  I swear it wasn’t me.  The pizza did it!  But, really, it only smells funny before it gets cooked.  Maybe once I’ve got it down like a boss I’ll put up the recipe in my ‘Food’ section.  All you Gluten Free fanatics might like that.

In other news, my darling husband asked me to dye his hair.  That’s a first for me.  I am pretty good at trimming hair but never have I dyed hair.  Also, dyeing black hair means we have to bleach it first.  Ick.  But, what to do, when you have a magical husband who likes quirky things?!  So, I put on some plastic gloves and went to work. . .albeit a bit haphazardly!


He only wanted some of his dreadlocks to be colored, thank goddess, and our maid, Geeta, got a lot of laughs walking into our house seeing him with tin foil in his hair.  She had no idea what the heck was going on with him.  She probably doesn’t even know what tin foil is for food, let alone for coloring hair.

After the bleach set in, we left it for a day and then returned with bright RED dye the next day.  It took me and Geeta awhile on the back terrace to color each of his funny dreads.  Geeta had never seen anything like this before ever in her life and she didn’t mind the new job.  I suppose sweeping is boring compared to coloring someone’s weird looking hair a cartoon red color.  We were both laughing the whole time as we tried not to drip red goop everywhere.

Magic Man is cute no matter what, but he’s lucky my favorite color is, in fact, red.  Now he’s my faerie-pirate, I suppose.  I thought about putting some streaks into my own hair, but then I realized I just can’t taint these natural locks of mine.  Just even the mere thought makes me hear my Jewish mother screaming, “Oy Vey!”

We celebrated my sasu maa’s birthday (mother-in-law) not so long ago and went out for a fun night at Soro.  If you don’t know the place, check out my review for it here.  It’s a great restaurant and on Friday nights it’s ‘Ladies’ Night’ and that means all ladies get free Cosmopolitans or Sangria after 9pm.  Go try it out.  I swear it’s a good time and the Cosmos are proper!

We got all dressed up for the family outing and I wore my awesome Target romper.  (Btw. . .I tried to avoid the whole ‘romper’ fad, but spending 3 months in the USA meant that I was confronted with them all the time and I finally caved in.)  Oh well.  Don’t you think the Marshall Family looks pretty smart?!

As a lot of you around the world are approaching winter time, we’re getting ready for the good times to roll around here.  All of our dear friends start coming back to Anjuna next month and I’m so excited for cuddles, and dance parties, potlucks, and music making. We have a wonderful season of sunshine and shenanigans on the way and I feel a little bit like a kid waiting for Christmas.

There’s nothing like good times with good friends, right?!

If you’re thinking of planning a trip this winter to get away from the cold, come visit Goa.  I know you won’t be disappointed.  There’s so much sunshine and good times to recharge you in all the right ways.  Check out my post 10 Reasons to visit Anjuna, Goa.

If that doesn’t get you dreaming, here’s a few of my favorite views in Goa.. .


A lot of the stores hand paint Hindu gods on the windows.  This particular Ganesha I thought was super fantastic.  I love the colors and the design.  And it’s even funnier knowing it’s on the window of a home appliance store. . .as if you need the god of obstacles to help you through buying a new washing machine or a couch.


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the old Portuguese churches are so pretty.  I never get tired of seeing their silhouettes in the distance or the parade of worshippers dressed in an array of rainbow colored satin.  Or the tiny girls wearing traditional Portuguese dresses that resemble cupcakes with curls and frills and bows, oh my.

And, dang, THAT is my view every single night.  Can you hear the fingers of the palm leaves waving in the wind?  Or smell that ocean breeze wafting in the air?

Okay, I’m done for now.  I hope whoever you are, wherever you are, may all things be Goan Good!



4 thoughts on “Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!

  1. Love your story, as always! Miss you but enjoy hearing about your life adventure. Need to try that cauliflower crust to help my diabetes!


  2. Remembering our moments together on the side porch of the rainbow ranch, pre- last dance party for this visit. The conversation led to how our words are heard, and how much i enjoy your writing! Grateful for you and hope a visit to your beautiful creation can happen (before or after SA 2020!)

    Cauliflower crust is a must, will keep my eyes here <3<3<3


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