Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Wowie zowie!  We have been full power around here.  We finally, after two years, have finished our back porch. . .ahem, terrace?!  There’s so many words for things in this funny country I never know what to call things.  But, yeah, we’ve just turned our dangerous, boring, back porch into a fantastical, colorful, comfortable, wonderland. … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Tea Trunk Teas

Okay, so, by the luck of the internet gods and social media, I found something really cool.  As an expat, and a blogger, I’ve always got an ear or an eye open to find as much information about random stuff as possible so that I can share with all of you, of course, but also … More Tea Trunk Teas