Chill Inn the Jungle Hostel (Anjuna, Goa)

For the past few months, me and my Magic Man have been working on a little dream together.

It’s taken awhile to manifest, but as they say, good things come to those who wait. . .and in India it’s more like wait and wait and wait and wait and wait!

Our dream was to have a little hostel that’s like an extension of our own home for international travelers and friends to find a comfy space to chill with family.

So, we started with this. . .


Actually, this is an improvement.  When we first came to Goa there wasn’t even the roofing on top.  It was just an open piece of cement where we hung laundry.  Then slowly, we envisioned some kind of plan. . .

Magic Man drew lines with chalk while I made sure they were correct, of course, and then at the speed of IST (Indian Standard Time) things started happening.

Many bricks, cement dust, and piles of debris filled our hearts and our house and the roof for months, but then, the dream started to take a recognizable shape. . .


“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall. . .good fences make good neighbors!”

~Robert Frost

I was never so excited to see a wall but it was the first time that we felt like something was happening. . .something IS happening. . .oh my, here we go. . .

The brick guys left and then the kitchen dudes came.  We picked out granite and bought more cement and the dust and debris continued. It was in every corner and crevice like glitter on the people who hate the stuff (ahem, weirdos!).  Haha.

Once the kitchen dudes left, then we picked out some funky tiles because everything here is tiled.  It’s better for the weather and easy to clean.  And the tile dudes went to work. . .


The tiling took awhile because the wall of the kitchen and the toilets and showers plus all the flooring was all laid tile work.  The guy was pretty time to time so the IST wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been.  Thank goddess, or Ganesha, or Buddha, or the universe for that.

Once that was all done, we did some painting and all kinds of other costruction/planning/organizing things that I won’t bore you with.  Suddenly this dream and project became like a starving elephant.  Gulp.  But, now, everything looks great and the dream is ALIVE and kicking. . . like a technicolor wonderland of good vibes and good people.

Welcome to Chill Inn the Jungle, a home away from home made with love!  A way to experience Goa like you never have before!


Hang in nature with all the comforts of home.  Live in community with people from all over the world and us, of course!  Come be part of a new family tribe in Goa.

Please watch the video below:

I hope someday you get to visit Chill Inn the Jungle to enjoy our cosmic love creation!

See you, beautiful people.  May all things be goangood!

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