Tea Trunk Teas

Okay, so, by the luck of the internet gods and social media, I found something really cool.  As an expat, and a blogger, I’ve always got an ear or an eye open to find as much information about random stuff as possible so that I can share with all of you, of course, but also with guests and friends that I meet around the Guesthouse and our hostel.

A lot of people ask about gifts to bring back to their friends and families and one of the most common items is tea.  Tea, spices, fabrics, you know, the usual suspects.  Then, lo and behold, I found this boutique tea called Tea Trunk.  They are based out of Goa and are made by a woman who trained under a Japanese tea master, and just so happen to have some of the greatest packaging.  I mean, who doesn’t like cute cartoon elephants?


What’s amazing about these adorable tins is that they are actually filled with delicious tea.  You can see and smell that each blend is made with the most fresh and premium ingredients and comes with a “Sommelier’s Report” that provides all the specs on the specific tea, such as tasting notes, recommended preparations, etc.  It’s obvious that this product is made with a lot of love and attention to detail.


When I opened the tin for Marigold Green Tea I was definitely happy to see the bright colors and smell the fragrant aromas straight out of the bag.  Lemongrass, marigold, mmmmm. . .

This is a nice, light tea that is neither an overpowering lemongrass or marigold flavor.  It is very balanced and fresh.

Can you read tea leaves?  These look like they’re saying some interesting things, don’t they?  Okay, maybe it’s just me, but it does look lovely and fresh and not like some leftover tea dust which you can find in a lot of tea packages.


“Each of our teas is specially crafted after days of tasting, refining and
re-tasting, so that you get nothing but the very best from India’s tea gardens
— with all natural ingredients and beautiful packaging.”

~Snigdha Manchanda, Tea Sommelier & Founder – Tea Trunk

If I have to pick a favorite of the four teas I’ve tried, I really enjoyed the Apple Spice Black Tea. . .


This one made me happy considering it’s “holiday” flavored and, well, ’tis the season at the moment.  Plus, being an expat in Goa it never really feels like the holidays around here when I’m sweating and staring at palm trees.  This tea is like season’s greetings in a cup.

Fresh, dried apples, orange peel, cinnamon, and all the other scents you can imagine whilst sipping away by a fire staring out a fogged up window. . .or in my case, hanging by the beach in the sunshine, too.  Either way, yum.  If you know someone who likes this kind of flavor, this tea would be a great gift.

I must admit, I’m a total sucker for minty things and the Long Island Green Tea was great.  Minty, citrusy and full of flavor but a bit tannic on the finish, so I’d drink this with some milk and honey.  It is suggested that this particular one makes awesome iced tea.  I’ll have to try that next time.  If you’re not a mint lover, though, this is not the tea for you.  It is definitely minty.

I saved one of the most popular teas (according to the website) for my last tasting.  I didn’t expect the party of aromas and colors to appear when I opened the bag, but wow, just wow. . .

Rose, saffron, cinnamon, ginger, sweet almonds.  What does this aromatic tea NOT have in it?!  It’s visually stunning with it’s pink rose petals and green cardamom pods and the flavor is so light and balanced and not overly tannic.  This one reminds me a bit of a calming tea.

They all come with some cute description on the side of the tin, but I thought the Saffron Kahwa Green Tea had an extra silly one to share. . .


If you are a tea lover, a traveler looking for something unique to bring home, or anyone looking for something creative, delicious, and made with love, you should probably check out Tea Trunk.  They have a wide variety of tea, blends, mixed packages, loose teas, tea bags, and tea accessories available on their website.  Prices range from around 300 rupees and up depending on the products and how many you choose.

Next time I’m heading back to that other mother country of mine, aka America, I will definitely pick up a few of these gourmet teas to bring as gifts.

So, which one would you like to try?


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