Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Wowie zowie!  We have been full power around here.  We finally, after two years, have finished our back porch. . .ahem, terrace?!  There’s so many words for things in this funny country I never know what to call things.  But, yeah, we’ve just turned our dangerous, boring, back porch into a fantastical, colorful, comfortable, wonderland.

See, it used to look like this. . .


Then, this. . .


Magic Man and myself actually designed the picture and placed each tile.  We even had to make those tiny tile pieces by smashing them all.  It wasn’t so difficult to do the actual mosaic but if anyone tells you it isn’t a serious labor of love, they haven’t tried it before.  I know it because sitting in that crouched position for so long made my back hurt a lot.  The result came out pretty nice, though, don’t you think?!


Let Your Love Shine

We wanted to finish this project just in time for a wave of friends who were visiting, so they all got to enjoy the new digs, too.  One of my oldest besties from my hometown, Ann Arbor, was lounging a lot with me in this newly improved space.  We also had friends from the UK, Australia, Russia, and Germany for awhile.

It was weeks of fun and good times. . .

We danced, we played, we laughed, we cuddled.  Whew.  There was so much love.  I’m such a lucky girl to know so many awesome people in the world.  I am grateful!  Old friends, new friends, hooray!

Speaking of friends, one of my most favorite men at the moment is my dear neighbor Henry.  He used to be a bit shy but sometime in the last month or two he’s really developed a crush on me, or me on him, not sure.  I know what you’re thinking, but really, he’s too sweet.  Magic Man definitely has some competition.

Henry didn’t actually have much of a name other than Blacky before.  He got adopted from our neighbors but he was owned by someone else originally and we don’t know what they called him.  I just couldn’t bare to call him such a simple name since his character is so regal and gentle and loving.  I figured he’d need a name to match and Henry seemed to fit just fine.  Henry likes his new name and he gives some of the best cuddles around.  He’s also missing a leg, so I make sure to scratch by his ear that he can’t reach anymore.

Our crazy penthouse lions are up to their usual antics these days. . .

They live the dream, too, as you can see.  Afternoon naps, sunshine baths, running around.  Cosmo has even graduated from the house and makes it down the stairs to go for jungle walks.  Shanti likes her usual spots in the corridors of the Chill Inn guesthouse and hangs with the guests.  I’m pretty sure she likes the extra cuddles.

We’ve been playing a lot of music lately.  I was in a band for a bit with some of my dearest faerie-neighbor-friends, Ping Pong and Coco, called Trio Rio.  It was the first time I ever played on a big stage, in front of a lot of people, with loud speakers and feedback.  Whoa.  I might’ve been a bit nervous, but now people see me and say they saw me drumming.  Ha.  Super star magic!


Our beloved open mic (mind) nights have finally started back up again, which is so nice, because they really are a weekly gathering of all of our favorite people.  We had a little mishap with last seasons venue getting shut down so it had to shift to a new place, but gosh, I sure do love to watch my Magic Man play music.

Here’s a few good shots from around the hood.  And, yes, that’s a volleyball court filled with goats.  It’s their new thing, of course.  That black and white cat is the resident at my favorite grocery store.  I don’t know his name but he’s always there to greet people.  He has a very deep meow and his “hello’s” sound a bit grumpy but they’re full of love.  And the last one?  Pretty funny, no?! “I wish my wife was this dirty!”  That one had me laughing for quite awhile.

We’re gearing up for an epic New Years Eve bash.  Another year is finally coming to an end.  Strange, but then again, not so strange at all.  It’s been a great year for me.  I’m excited to ring in the new year with fun people, yummy food, and endless dancing.  I think I may even party like it’s 1999.  Won’t you?

I hope that you are all enjoying this holiday season and taking time to cherish your loved ones.  Every moment is precious.  Every day is good.  The sun is always shining somewhere and dreams are just a wish away.

And if you’re having a tough time in life right now, think of my Guru, Shanti. . .


Sometimes in life we just need a little stretch and some sunshine to change our mood.

So, this is it for 2017.  Happy new year, family!!!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, may all things be Goangood!  xo

One thought on “Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

  1. Beautifully written as always Hayley. The terrace is full of AMAZING LOVE!!!! Well done to you both. My heart is with you on this New Years Eve..dancing into the morning of 2018 xxx May every little cell in your bodies be well!


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