Anjuna, Goa Tales #26: Beaches, Friends, and F.U.N.

Holy moses!  I have been a very, very, very bad girl.  I haven’t wished you a Happy New Year yet (and it’s March) and I haven’t written about what the heck is going on with me in my tropical wonderland.  Tisk, tisk!

Between the new hostel being open, visits with out of town friends, and keeping up with the happenings in our little village, I’ve barely maintained my own sanity, let alone keeping you informed as well.  Haha.  Sometimes living in the “Ibiza of India” can grab you like the undertow in that big, beautiful ocean and pull you far, far away from the shore before you even know what’s happening.  Whew!!  But, here I am, alive and well, still living the dream in my little slice of paradise.

We’ve been blessed at Chill Inn The Jungle Hostel so far with a good flow of people, and most magically, new friends.  Our menagerie of connections around the world continues to grow and that is something quite special, I think.

So far, everyone seems to love our design and concept for the hostel and that is really great to hear after all of our hard work.  One of the sweetest things is in the morning when we have a full house and I get to go see everyone in their beds like little kids.  Apparently, I’ve got a nice way of saying ‘good morning’ and some of our guests have mentioned they love when I peek my head in the dorm room and say hello.  Plus, it also means that I can keep doing my baking therapy and then I can dish it out to whoever is in the hostel and I don’t have to eat it all.  Double YAY!!!

In terms of village happenings, we have managed to catch a couple of the free events at the infamous “Hilltop” venue.  The Goa scene is known for its Goa Trance music, but in all honesty, it’s definitely not really my cup of tea. . .hence, the FREE events.  It is, however, fun to go out and do something different for a little while and also check out “the scene” since we live in it and hardly experience it.  I like to say that our Rainbow Penthouse is its own scene.  Ahem.  And it’s pretty nice.

But, for the trance lovers out there, do check out Hilltop for one of their gigs.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  They have international acts, crazy decorations, and definitely provide an all around quintessential experience.


I had a visit in January from a dear old hometown friend, Miss Jenny, and we LIVED IT UP when she was in town.  I think I even gained 4 pounds from all the indulgences, but dang, it was so worth it.  She is in the midst of a tsunami amount of grief and circumstances at the moment, so she came to my tropical paradise to get some happy therapy and extra good vibes.  Hopefully she learned when she was here that life is beautiful even when it doesn’t feel that way. . .and she’s such a strong warrior goddess that whatever she’s going through is only making her more grateful, more powerful, and more into a better version of her own true self.  I was very honored that in all the places on the planet, and all of the arms to get hugs, she came to me and I did my very best to sparkle and bedazzle her, hug and cuddle all those waves of emotions, and catapult her back into a brand new horizon filled with exciting dreams ahead.

Whenever we have visitors around, we like to take them to our favorite beach spots.  This season we really like to spend beach time on Ashvem.  It’s about 30 minutes north of Anjuna and it is super nice.  Not too crowded, cheap drinks, shallow water, and clean.  Wait, did I mention cheap drinks?  A lot of these beach places charge several hundred rupees for a drink but the 170 rupee mojitos at Ashvem are a total bargain!


One of the best things about the beaches here are the beds.  You get a lounge bed and then you can have a waiter from the nearby restaurant bring you drinks and food whenever you want.  It’s so luxurious to me, and since it’s at a bargain price, it’s even better.  I’m living the dream in so many ways.  Woop woop!


But seriously, if you’re in the area and you’re looking for beach recommendations, Ashvem is nice.  I love spending the day lounging and swimming.  There aren’t many sellers approaching you most of the time, too, which is good for maxing the relaxing time. . .if ya know what I mean, jelly bean?!

Other than that, the babies are well. . .


We also caught a red moon eclipse on the top of a hill with a whole bunch of crazy cool people, discovered a silly “Irish” Bar in the next state over that had something called a “Terminator”, and have been up to the usual shenanigans with the usual suspects. . .

Magic Man is still very magical and the love is strong.  I’m such a lucky lady.  To find my dream man, live the dream with him, and never get tired of it is a true gift.  Yay for cosmic love. . .


Now, how are YOU?  How has 2018 been treating you so far?  Are you working towards dreams and goals that make you happy?  What the heck is going on out there?

Ta-ta for now. . .






One thought on “Anjuna, Goa Tales #26: Beaches, Friends, and F.U.N.

  1. Hayley, you must have heard my thoughts! I was driving home from cards on Wednesday (yesterday), thinking that you had not posted lately and I needed to message you and make sure everything is okay! This morning I have my answer and it is a good one. So happy for you! Love you and your stories. Remember you are always in my heart and on my mind. Sending good thoughts your way. Message to you privately about other stuff.


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