Remember when we used to go swimming, Wearing nothing but our birthday suits, Romantic whispers in the air, Secrets exposed like our bare skin In the sun. * Remember when we danced Like no one was watching, Except the moon, And the stars inside our eyes Were enough to realize. * Do you remember every … More Swimming

What are We doing?

Daffodils bend down to the ground Like they’re trying to understand Something they have found. Why are there no other flowers around these crowded streets?   These static-filled days Spinning us inside a Gothic maze Of passive aggression, Sick obsessions, So much love without confession.   Caffeinated personalities living a dark reality Of expensive dreams, … More What are We doing?

Can You Tell Me

Can you tell me Where is the door To the place Where memories can be erased? Is it somewhere in the Back of my mind Or in the nick of time?   ***   How do I remove these lies That stick like butter to my ribs? Calling dibs on sanity, Questioning humanity, Trying to … More Can You Tell Me