A Fortress for Truth


False words are the building blocks for our walls.

I feel your lies and hear your truths

Because the world we once knew screams in the halls

Of our unwanted desires and dreams,

And the skeleton of our past life tugs at the seams of

The new world we crave to breathe.


We’re stranded on opposite street corners,

Juggling fools, painting smiles, peddling for a new life

And competing for the greatest prize–

Selling our character to the nearest passerby’s.

Think you can still mesmerize?

I’ve thrown dust into my eyes.


Apologetic tones through microphones,

Vicious conversations traveling through

Continents of ears,

Touching and rubbing open wounds of my fears.

Pile another block on the wall of these years

Because we can’t destroy what we’ve found.


We can’t break what these lies have built–

This foundation that we’re bound,

These cold truths that stick around

And echo through the shadows of the day–

So we smile and pile another block,

Another talk, another walk down this road.


Oh, please, let me lighten your load.

Let me buy your blocks

Because I can’t stand these talks

And that manipulating twinkle.

The world is not big enough for our hearts to mingle

Inside the same space.


Where is the key to these skeleton locks?

We are the creators of these building blocks–

Looking for peace,

Looking for new memories

And a place to leave the old ones behind,

Breaking this hide and seek game inside our minds.

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