About the Goan Good chick

Who am I?



I’m a lover,

I’m a dreamer,

I’m a nonsense make-believer.

I’m a student,

I’m a teacher,

I’m a good-vibes kind of preacher.



I’m a singer,

I’m a dancer,

I’m a true love romancer.

I’m a writer,

I’m a poet,

And sometimes I think I know it.


I am serious,

I am silly,

I only want to be free.

I’m part faerie,

And half mermaid,

And my sparkles never fade.


I’m an old soul,

I’m a little girl,

And disco makes me twirl.

I’m made of stardust,

I’m made of lightning,

Made of the fine things.


I have a big heart,

I love to make cool art,

I even own my rosey farts.

I’m a hugger,

A kind of mother,

A dream to make you wonder.



Welcome to my world!








7 thoughts on “About the Goan Good chick

  1. Thank you for telling me about your blog. I really enjoyed learning more about you from this page!
    Your ABC friend,


  2. hi, i was in goa and kheerganga more than 30 years ago. that time the bus didnt go up to barshani, only manikaran. there was also no water dam at pulga, which i consider a sacrileg to the parvati. anyway, id like to see the valley again, or maybe not. it was heaven on earth, so beautiful. i like your writing and wish you all the best


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