Aphrodite is my Lover


Touching the inner curve of your thigh

With the breath of my sigh,

Swimming through waves of long, hot hair

Daring me to stare

Deep into those crystal blue oceans

That surround the center of your eyes—

Making me realize—

I have been baptized in the light that you shine!


Oh Goddess, won’t you drink some wine?


We can bend hours into the shape of our desire

And unravel the heaviness that we bear,

Or should I beware?


I cannot deny the way you move—

Swaying and twirling to a salacious groove,

Moving my mind through rollercoaster moods

                         That keep knocking on my heart.


Is this love or is this art?


Roses bloom from sea foam dunes while

Time reveals your fateful wounds

And the harvest moon wonders when to start.  . .


Wonders if in slumber is the solace that you seek,

The wetness which you weep sends passerby

Sailors swooning down into the Deep—

Spooning the powerful undertow of your mind—

And below listening dolphins perpetuate

The Divine inside your being,

Provoking a wanderlust feeling

That you don’t want to hide.


Like a wildwood flower waving for me

Rooted in a half-shell bed,

I wonder if these thoughts that I’m believing

Are from your very own head—

           Coming in with the tides,

                    Riding across glistening waves,

                             Dripping down from the heavens into






*I don’t claim any rights to pics.  They are just beautiful!

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