Love is a Time Machine



I’m trying to find the light at the end of this tunnel in my mind,

But the darkness is so bright it keeps me paralyzed.

It keeps me in a room where I’ve misplaced the key

And I’m stuck here forever

Until I make another dream.

They say love is blind,

They say love takes time,

Like a time machine for you and me

Bringing us back to where we used to be

Before our hearts got entwined.

This is time traveling,

Forcing the unraveling of the things we have seen,

Ripping at the seams of what we thought was the truth,

But how does the proof vanish into thin air

Like a magic show turned into a dare?

Those universes in our eyes,

They used to mystify

But now they just remind us of the places we’ve been,

The spaces between you and me

That are lost in the depths of our dreaming of dreams.

And so it seems,

Broken hearts fuel the time machines’ speed,

And I sit alone

Searching for air to breathe.




















Anjuna, Goa Tales #3–Something to fantasize

I know there’s a lot of you out there approaching winter.  Summer has become a distant memory and forgotten warm clothes have been resurrected.  For some of you, panic filled thoughts enter your mind like an old friend knocking on the door out of the blue. . .wondering when you’ll see the sun again, how much snow may fall, and how you manage to stay in a place that gets so effen cold. . . Every.  Single. Year.

And then, visions of warmer places become salvation.  You start to fantasize about being on a beach, drinking cocktails, swimming in the warm sea, and taking a break from the marshmallow jackets and freezing nights.

Even if you’re the type who loves winter, I’m thinking of you now, too.

I went on a walk last night and saw so many magical views, I thought I’d tantalize your mind a bit.  If you need some winter salvation, inspiration, or a new dream to dream, here’s some good ideas. . .

20151110_165507 20151109_181410

20151110_165147 20151110_165443

20151110_165835 20151110_164918

20151110_170421 20151110_170417

The ocean is calling you……..


Whether it is the actual ocean, or just something that makes you happy, know that it IS whispering…..and you should listen.


20151110_171944 20151110_172808

After my walk, I got blessed by the setting sun. . .

20151109_181337 20151109_181631

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.  Hold fast to dreams, For when dreams go, Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow.” (Langston Hughes)

All of these views are from walking around Anjuna.  Happy dreaming everyone!