Hello, world, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a good ol’ review of a cool place in Goa.  I’ve been living here for five years and I must say, there’s always something new and fabulous hidden in the jungle.

I’ve recently discovered the micro-universe of Mojigao.  It is Artjuna‘s sister location and it is a serene wonderland tucked away on a gorgeous jungle property in Assagao.  Right now, due to monsoon season, everything around the place is a little covered and organized to handle the rains, but it is still rocking beautiful scenes and vibes amidst the downpours.


It has a similar menu to the classic selection at Artjuna and you get a fantastic view of paradise while you eat or drink your delicious coffee.  Juices, espresso, and healthy meals are all part of the experience.

My personal favorites in the restaurant are the Caramel Eclair and the Healthy Breakfast, both of which I didn’t get a picture of because I inhaled them like a Tasmanian Devil and then remembered to document.

The Healthy breakfast comes with your choice of eggs, choice of juice, choice of coffee or espresso, yogurt, muesli, two slices of amazing, fresh bread and a whole selection of hummus, jam, butter, cheese, and guacamole. It’s amazing and two people can share it.

The Pasta Ratatouille was also delicious.  I had that for dinner and I cleaned the plate.


If you’re craving fresh, healthy, vibrant food, this is your place.  You can find green smoothies, proper coffees, salads, and everything made with love and care.  At Mojigao, they take wellness to the next level.

On top of all this super yummy food business, Mojigao offers a buffet of different experiences.  For those of you people out there looking for a space to host workshops, have a concert, or needing an outdoor space, Mojigao has some good options.


This tiered area can be a perfect place to teach your yoga class, attend a yoga class, a concert, etc.  It is also another dining area when the rains are gone.  At the moment, there is no charge to rent the space.

If you’re traveling through Goa and you have a skill to teach, definitely check Mojigao out for what they have to offer.  The views alone will make your work and experience cathartic.

I thought my tour of the place was done at this point, but then Sam, Mojigao’s manager, lead me down a mystical, jungle pathway. . .


Wavy staircases, whimsical doorways, flowers, foliage, and a chorus of frogs singing the Mojigao soundtrack.  Balinese-esque cabins for rent are hidden in between the layers of the thick jungle.


There are several cabins to rent for the night or long term stay.  They are made from gorgeous wood, have stained glass windows, big, lush beds, a/c, and so many little details to make you feel luxurious during your stay.

They range from 4-10k, depending on the size and length of stay, and of course, the season.  Right now in monsoon, they are offering some mega deals on their cabins.  If you’re in the area, check it out.

The cabin I stayed in for the night looked right out onto a beautiful pond filled with all the free nature perks I mentioned above.  It felt very private and tranquil.  I also really loved the hot water in the bathroom sink.  That’s something I don’t get to experience much these days as most Goan homes don’t come with that amenity.

There was water and a tea station ready and a nice menu of the services provided.  The bathroom also came equipped with Jata soap, handmade by a local with organic ingredients.

My geeky favorite detail was the closet.  It had a light that came on when it was opened.  I wish my closet at home did that.  I can never find anything!  You know, sometimes, it’s really the little things, isn’t it?!

Btw, I’m not including a snap of the closet because it doesn’t come out in pictures nearly as cool as it looks in real life.  You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.


The back of the property is currently under construction to build more cabins and a big covered area to host yoga workshops and other wellness activities.  As you can see above, the grounds are kept pristine like a manicured greenhouse even with scattered building happening.  You can walk the grounds and absorb the healing vibes of nature.

For any queries, check out Mojigao on Facebook.

For parking, there’s a car lot at the bottom of the hill and bikes can park at the top by the entrance.

You don’t even have to miss an epic Goan sunset when you’re deep in the jungle.  Mojigao’s views include them all.


As we say in Goa, “It’s better in Goa.”

Check out Mojigao when you’re in town!















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  1. Sebastian Vaz Reply

    Looks like a fantastic place. It is quite far from the sea, but the hills and greenery make this very good. Thanks for sharing.

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