Ann Arbor Shenanigans

Being back in my beloved hometown, Ann Arbor, has been a full spectrum experience.  I spend most of my time at the hospital giving my super mamma some love and healing energy, but I’ve been lucky to fit in a few nights of revelry with old friends and family. Thank goddess for small mercies, or … More Ann Arbor Shenanigans

Broken Heart News

Two weeks ago, I was having my afternoon siesta with Magic Man and Shanti.  It was a hot day in the jungle and the late afternoon sun beat us into a dead sleep.  When I finally woke up, I checked my phone and found frantic messages from my brother. Are you up?  It’s mom.  It’s … More Broken Heart News

Hampi Love

What would you do in the name of love?  Would you hire a magical monkey to build a bridge of rocks across the ocean to have your one true love rescued?  And where would you get such mystical rocks? Wait, I know. . . I know a place with rocks that pile on top of … More Hampi Love

The Good-Good life

Happy New Year, family! I don’t know about you but I had almost too much fun over the holidays. . .and saying goodbye to 2016.  It was a year full of extremes for me in which I was thrown into the deepest depths of despair only to be hurled back into the heights of whimsy … More The Good-Good life

Fan Club Brownies

I’m letting a secret out. Keep it safe. Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Then, here it is. . . Everyone loves my brownies.  So much so that I named them that name up there. But, why are they so good? They’re just chocolately enough without being overkill.  They’re chewy and have perfect crispy edges … More Fan Club Brownies