Remember when we used to go swimming,

Wearing nothing but our birthday suits,

Romantic whispers in the air,

Secrets exposed like our bare skin

In the sun.


Remember when we danced

Like no one was watching,

Except the moon,

And the stars inside our eyes

Were enough to realize.


Do you remember every sunrise,

Reborn together,

Tying our heartstrings

Like little kids practicing

How to tie new shoes.


I put a spell on you

Because you put one on me, too.

I don’t know

Just how it happened,

I let down my guard.


I never thought I’d be

Adorned with karmic scars,

But they twinkle

In the moonlight

Like jewels from afar.


Remember when we used to go swimming,

Singing like sirens

In the middle of the sea,

Bathing in tranquility,

Discovering catharsis in our waking dreams.


*I don’t own rights to these pics.  They are just beautiful.













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