Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Wowie zowie!  We have been full power around here.  We finally, after two years, have finished our back porch. . .ahem, terrace?!  There’s so many words for things in this funny country I never know what to call things.  But, yeah, we’ve just turned our dangerous, boring, back porch into a fantastical, colorful, comfortable, wonderland. … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!

Our quaint Anjuna village is slowly coming back to life lately.  We had a crazy bout of torrential downpours recently but I dare say it’s finally done now.  The sun has been shining and the sunsets are making a comeback.  It’s just quite lovely.  I really miss the sunsets in the monsoon season.  They don’t … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!

Anjuna, Goa Tales #22–Vibes before the rains

It’s  that time of year again in Anjuna where the cicadas start their incessant high-pitched buzzing/hissing noise in the trees and it sounds like a symphony of vibrating alarms going off.  They’re calling to their lovers. . .or, potential lovers, anyway. . .or, for some of them, maybe just hoping another little cicada chick is … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #22–Vibes before the rains