Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Wowie zowie!  We have been full power around here.  We finally, after two years, have finished our back porch. . .ahem, terrace?!  There’s so many words for things in this funny country I never know what to call things.  But, yeah, we’ve just turned our dangerous, boring, back porch into a fantastical, colorful, comfortable, wonderland. … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #25– ‘Hood Antics

Tea Trunk Teas

Okay, so, by the luck of the internet gods and social media, I found something really cool.  As an expat, and a blogger, I’ve always got an ear or an eye open to find as much information about random stuff as possible so that I can share with all of you, of course, but also … More Tea Trunk Teas

How to get an OCI

All you foreigners out there (as in born somewhere outside of India) who are looking for an OCI opportunity, you’ve gotta get yourself hitched to a native of the mother land if you’re looking to get an OCI card. We recently just went through the process of applying for an OCI card for me and … More How to get an OCI

Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!

Our quaint Anjuna village is slowly coming back to life lately.  We had a crazy bout of torrential downpours recently but I dare say it’s finally done now.  The sun has been shining and the sunsets are making a comeback.  It’s just quite lovely.  I really miss the sunsets in the monsoon season.  They don’t … More Anjuna, Goa Tales #24– The sunshine is BACK, I think!