What are We doing?


Daffodils bend down to the ground

Like they’re trying to understand

Something they have found.

Why are there no other flowers around these crowded streets?


These static-filled days

Spinning us inside a Gothic maze

Of passive aggression,

Sick obsessions,

So much love without confession.


Caffeinated personalities living a dark reality

Of expensive dreams,

Unaffordable jeans,

Lacking patience and kindness for those without means–

Those with an inner light that shines so bright

They can’t comprehend or make amends with

Familial stares, painful smiles—

Bubbles floating through miles of aisles,

Unaffected by green piles of denial and plugged into

The wrong source,


Forgetting the force of this concrete jungle of humanity,

Drinking poisonous vanity from teacups of insanity

And jumping off the bridges of time.


We don’t have to walk this line.


But sometimes, is the right destiny too hard to find?


*I don’t own rights to these pics.  They are just beautiful.

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