Goodbye Tree Town

It’s about that time again. I started packing. I’ve had my last hurrahs (for now). Two months ago when I arrived in the USA it seemed like I had so many days to fill.  Now that it’s over, I’m wondering how did it go so fast?!  But, I’m ready.  I miss my Magic Man and … More Goodbye Tree Town

Ann Arbor Daze

So, I’ve been back in the other Motherland. . .aka America. . .for awhile now.  The summer is here and the weather has been delightful.  I even got joy from a big whiff of fresh grass straight off the plane.  Sounds weird, I’m sure, but we don’t have much grass around us in Goa.  We’ve … More Ann Arbor Daze

Anjuna Vibes

It’s  that time of year again in Anjuna where the cicadas start their incessant high-pitched buzzing/hissing noise in the trees and it sounds like a symphony of vibrating alarms going off.  They’re calling to their lovers. . .or, potential lovers, anyway. . .or, for some of them, maybe just hoping another little cicada chick is … More Anjuna Vibes

Goan Crazy

Hey, hey everyone! March was a busy month.  I’m finally back to the jungle grind in Anjuna.  It took awhile to decompress from the situation back in America, and I’ve been so busy with life stuff, I’ve hardly been inspired to jot it down for you. I also celebrated a birthday.  Yep, another year older. … More Goan Crazy